Mareille Merck…

jazz guitarist, composer and teacher, was born in 1996 in Stralsund (Germany). She lives and works in Lucerne and Zurich.
At the age of 15 she discovered her passion for the guitar and jazz. She was prize winner in the germanwide competition "Jugend Musiziert" in the category "Guitar (Pop)" in 2011 (3rd prize) and 2014 (1st prize).

She took part in numerous workshops such as the "Blue Boat" Jazz Festival on the Island of Rügen or "Young Women for Jazz" in Trossingen.

She received guitar lessons from the Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima in Berlin.
From 2014 to 2016 she was a student in Weimar with Prof. Frank Möbus.
Since August 2016 she has been studying at the Lucerne School of Music, also with Prof. Frank Möbus and Kalle Kalima, as well as with Roberto Bossard and others.

On stage the virtuoso guitarist convinces with her unmistakable sound and her authentic enthusiasm, which can be heard in every subtle nuance of her playing.
Her compositions take the listener on a journey - sometimes to a country full of harmony and bliss, sometimes to an adventure with an uncertain outcome.


A new band is in the making. Information, photos and music will be released soon!

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31.12.2019 20:15
"Der Bummler" - Theater Tuchlaube - Aarau AG (CH)

"Der Bummler"  - Theater Tuchlaube - Aarau AG (CH)

 16.05.2019 20:00
"Der Bummler"  - Stanzerei - Baden AG (CH)

 15.05.2019 20:00
"Der Bummler" - Stanzerei - Baden AG (CH)

 11.05.2019 20:00
"Der Bummler"  - Sternensaal - Wohlen AG (CH)

 05.05.2019 11:00
"Der Bummler" - Bau 4 Schaerholzbau - Altbüron LU (CH)

04.05.2019 20:00
"Der Bummler" Premiere - Bau 4 Schaerholzbau - Altbüron LU (CH)

“Sous Les Etoiles” - Les Amis/Wohnzimmer - Bern (CH)

”Die Kommende Generation” - Konservi - Seon (CH)

”Die Kommende Generation” - Konservi - Seon (CH)

“Sous Les Etoiles” - Les Amis/Wohnzimmer - Bern (CH)


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